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As a Market Debut participant to HIMSS19 within the Innovation Live Showcase, Trisotech is thankful for all the great conversations and for the incredible people we met in Orlando!

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Introducing the Field Guide to Shareable Clinical Pathways

Clinical Guide Lines are the knowledge sources of modern evidence-based medicine and Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems. But what if the clinical guideline document could not only be consumable by practitioners but by computers systems as well? The same document, offering clear interpretation and course of actions to both care providers and the computer systems supporting them.

This is the vision being pursued by a new community of practice within the Object Management Group (OMG) Health Domain Taskforce. The group has already produced a first version of a “Field Guide” aimed at organizations producing, consuming and deploying such “Sharable Clinical Guide Lines.”

Here is an introductory webinar presenting the concepts contained in the Field Guide. You can download the actual guide as PDF below.

Implementation of CDS using Decision Model and Notation

The healthcare industry has been trying for years to reduce the burden of implementing quality measurement, clinical decision support (CDS), and clinical pathways to improve the quality of care and lower costs. Clinical Informaticists and other healthcare subject matter experts spend inordinate amounts of time (and frustration) attempting to communicate clinical logic to programmers, not only in implementation, but across the entire lifecycle of developing a measure, CDS logic, or any other healthcare analytic.

The current CDS logic is defined by business rules that resemble a black box for the clinical and business user. The rules are inside the box and hard to understand and access for validation or for improvement, thus making the system heavy and burdensome. In this article we propose that Decision Model and Notation (DMN), a standard published by the Object Management Group, if used in CDS applications can lessen or remove the black box effect created using business rules engines.

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