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Digital Transformation, From Strategy to Operations

Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite enables you to visualize, innovate, automate and improve your processes and decisions which enables organization-wide transformation. Whatever the path you decide to follow for your Digital Transformation, Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite offers the collection of software tools that will ensure your Digital Transformation success.

These tools range from strategic brainstorming and goal-setting canvases to detailed critical-thinking international standard modelers that can be used to automate your business activities. The Digital Enterprise Suite encompasses both inside-out tools to improve your own business, like Balanced Scorecards and SWOT diagrams, and outside-in tools to improve your customer’s business, like Customer Journey maps and Value Proposition canvases.

Meet Trisotech’s Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Jacques Hamel CD is the Chief Digital Transformation Officer of Trisotech and an experienced executive with over 30 years of experience in leadership and business development. A retired Armoured Master Warrant Officer, he transitioned to business in 1998 developing his first start-up called Artifact Software Inc. He launched ModSim World Canada in 2008 with his partners CAE and Lockheed Martin to name but a few. For close to two decades, Jacques has been a driving force in learning, modeling and simulation in Canada. He has held senior positions with local business partners of both Caterpillar and Emerson in Canada. With Trisotech, he supports the Customer Success, Communications and Marketing teams.

Digital Transformation Resources

Whether starting from an outside or inside out, or from a strategic or operational perspective, gain insights into your digital enterprise… from strategy to operations!

To help you navigate through challenging Digital Transformation, here are 10 tools that can support you in creating value for your customers. Using these tools, each organization must seek its own path to Digital Transformation.

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