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Learn more about Trisotech’s decision technology offer below. Trisotech is a contributor to the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) specification.

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Digital Enterprise Suite

The Digital Enterprise Suite is a highly visual and interactive software suite that enables your technical staff to encapsulate programmatic logic and lets your non-technical business people assemble the business logic to innovate, transform and improve your business.

The Digital Enterprise Suite includes the business-friendly DMN-based Decision Modeler, a visual application used to specify both the requirements and the logic of decisions. It also includes the Decision Automation engine, a performant and scalable cloud infrastructure used to orchestrate decision services via modern API platforms.

Trisotech Presentation: Thinking Inside the Box

Introducing new boxed expressions to DMN

Recent Releases

New Boxed Expressions for Business Users

Presented at DecisionCAMP 2020. In this presentation we will explore the problems faced by business users in specifying various more advanced FEEL statements and introduce new Boxed Expressions that address these shortcomings of the current DMN specification.

Digital Enterprise Suite Now Supports DMN 1.3

Trisotech now supports latest version of DMN, both at modeling and execution levels. Also, users can now import and export DMN XML 1.3 files.

New Temporal Reasoning Functions in FEEL

Presented at DecisionCAMP 2019. The addition of these functions contributed by Trisotech to the DMN specification improves the ability of both technicians and business experts to more easily express and compare points in time and time intervals.

Integration of Predictive Models in Decisions

Integration of the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) standard with DMN logic as described in the specification for modeling and execution. Our integration automatically maps PMML data types and invocation requirements to DMN/FEEL data types for a seamless experience.

Full Implementation of DMN Services with Logging for BI and Dashboards

Presented at DecisionCAMP 2018. Using audit logs generated by service calls, dashboards can be created to help visualize information and knowledge that that are critical for the operations of any type of business.

Introducing REST Calls in DMN

Going beyond the DMN spec, we allow users to describe (or import) REST API definitions in the Open API format. Those REST API are displayed in the Operation Library and can be used as the decision logic in BKMs. Data types are automatically mapped between FEEL and Open API.

Decision as a Service (DaaS): The DMN Platform Revolution

Trisotech made the DMN vision for production-grade decision automation a reality. The Decision Modeler, the Decision Automation engine and the Service Library together provide the environment for creating, packaging, testing and deploying decision services. Learn more in this video.

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